OPS 2015 has ended
The Definitive Conference on How Online Media Works

Taking place June 9 in New York City, OPS is the gathering place for digital media technology leaders challenged with navigating the latest shifts in our industry and understanding how to stay competitive and profitable.

OPS is the best place to connect with other digital strategists, to make the next steps in turning your digital media business into a profitable, efficient media system and to meet with vendors from the largest, most successful brands to the hot young companies offering cutting edge solutions and technologies that are shaping the future of digital.

View an updated OPS attendee list here when you log in with your AdMonsters account.

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We partner with doers – editors, writers, marketers, developers, those who create and build the content that users see and interact with online – to deliver the data they need, when they need it.

Our real-time information gives these front-line teams instantly understandable data on their users’ emergent behavior – and the power to react to it.

It ends the command-and-control setup where higher-ups dictate tactical moves that the front-line should make.

Instead, it empowers the front-line to be autonomous. To take real-time action based on strategic guidelines. To take the right decisions, the right actions at the right time.