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The Definitive Conference on How Online Media Works

Taking place June 9 in New York City, OPS is the gathering place for digital media technology leaders challenged with navigating the latest shifts in our industry and understanding how to stay competitive and profitable.

OPS is the best place to connect with other digital strategists, to make the next steps in turning your digital media business into a profitable, efficient media system and to meet with vendors from the largest, most successful brands to the hot young companies offering cutting edge solutions and technologies that are shaping the future of digital.

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Tuesday, June 9

8:00am EDT

9:00am EDT

Are You OPS Ready?
avatar for Rob Beeler

Rob Beeler

Content Czar, AdMonsters
Rob Beeler is Vice President of Content and Media for AdMonsters and has worked in Ad Operations for over 15 years. Rob oversees the development of content for AdMonsters events and is Editor in Chief for AdMonsters.com. Rob Beeler joined AdMonsters in October 2008 after nearly 10... Read More →

Tuesday June 9, 2015 9:00am - 9:10am EDT
Main Floor (OPS Ready)

9:10am EDT

Something to Sling About: TV and Digital Finally Collide
Could you hear the cord cutters (and cord nevers) rejoicing when Dish Network announced Sling TV, a digital streaming video service featuring live TV from major broadcasters including ESPN? The breakthrough followed announcements from other TV programmers offering pay digital streaming services – IPTV is quickly becoming a force to reckon with. However, inserting advertising is a challenge from both operational and sales perspectives – who is delivering the ads? Who is selling them? What digital capabilities – think enhanced targeting – will advertisers be able to tap into? Dish’s Warren Schlicting and ESPN’s Lori LeBas will dive into how their organizations work together on monetization efforts and how IPTV is affecting both digital and linear revenue strategies.

avatar for Lori LeBas

Lori LeBas

Business Operations Sales & Marketing, ESPN
Lori LeBas was promoted to senior vice president, strategy and business operations for the company’s sales and marketing division in March 2006. Her current responsibilities include oversight of the global advertising sales operations team responsible for all post-sales processes... Read More →
avatar for Warren Schlicting

Warren Schlicting

SVP, Programming and Media Sales, DISH
A veteran advertising and media executive, Warren Schlichting is DISH’s Senior Vice President of Programming and Media Sales. He oversees the acquisition and renewal of all programming content for DISH, including national network and cable channels, Latino content, local broadcast... Read More →

Tuesday June 9, 2015 9:10am - 10:10am EDT
Main Floor (OPS Ready)

10:20am EDT

Programmatic Reporting, the Daily Mail Way
avatar for James Curran

James Curran

CEO/Cofounder, STAQ
James Curran has over 15 years of experience in digital media. A strategy and product driven leader, James has conceived and built some of the most bleeding edge products, offerings and technologies from ad tech leaders like Lotame, Advertising.com and Agency.com. With a passion... Read More →
avatar for Matt Wheatland

Matt Wheatland

US Director of Programmatic, Daily Mail
Matt Wheatland is US Director of Programmatic at DaiyMail.com, where he is responsible for programmatic monetization across display, mobile and video. He previously led DailyMail.com’s programmatic platform strategy for EMEA and has experience in building successful ad technology... Read More →

avatar for STAQ


If you've ever evaluated buying an ad server, DMP, DSP or SSP, you know the landscape is complex. Connecting ad technology for our clients is even more complicated. We’ve armed ourselves with the leaders behind some of the most robust ad technology companies in the industry’s... Read More →

Tuesday June 9, 2015 10:20am - 10:30am EDT
Main Floor (OPS Ready)

10:20am EDT

Beyond Viewability: Making Engagement Tangible

Arguing over campaign viewability benchmarks has already become a bore. It’s time to examine the post-viewability online advertising ecosystem: how do we enable the media industry to not just check off today's problem box, but set it on the path to a sustainable future? How do we quantify that elusive thing called engagement? This panel will explore how advertisers, agencies and publishers are addressing viewability obstacles, how publishers are trying to align content and audience quality with advertising value through engagement metrics, and how engagement is redefining advertisers' marketing goals and related spend.

avatar for Romy Newman

Romy Newman

Strategic Partner Development, Chartbeat
Until October 2014, Romy Newman was Head of Digital Advertising for The Wall Street Journal, overseeing sales, marketing and operations for The Wall Street Journal Digital Network. Previously, Romy held several management roles at The Wall Street Journal including General Manager... Read More →

avatar for Shenan Reed

Shenan Reed

President of Digital, NA, MEC
As President of Digital it is Shenan’s job to lead MEC’s digital business and be responsible for further driving the advancement of digital growth and innovation across North America.A highly respected leader in the digital space, Shenan has a strong background in integrated planning... Read More →
avatar for Michael Sebastian

Michael Sebastian

Reporter, Advertising Age
Michael Sebastian covers digital and traditional media, the trends affecting them and their fight over both advertising dollars and the attention of readers and viewers. In covering the evolving media business, his beat has grown to include the worlds of content marketing and native... Read More →
avatar for Michael Silberman

Michael Silberman

General Manager, Digital Media, New York Media
Michael Silberman joined New York Media as general manager of nymag.com in May 2007. Under his leadership, New York Media has grown its digital business substantially, more than tripling revenue and growing audience tenfold, while transforming a regional news and service website into... Read More →

avatar for Chartbeat


We partner with doers – editors, writers, marketers, developers, those who create and build the content that users see and interact with online – to deliver the data they need, when they need it. Our real-time information gives these front-line teams instantly understandable... Read More →

Tuesday June 9, 2015 10:20am - 11:00am EDT
Second Floor (True Dialogue)

10:20am EDT

Harnessing the Power of Big Data For Actionable Real-Time Insights

The real-time ad sales market creates billions of pieces of data per day. Over the next few years, both buyers and publishers will be mining that pile of data for insights that will help them manage their businesses more effectively. While the industry is at the early stages of the move towards this deeper data analysis, those publishers and buyers that move quickly to embrace it will likely be at an advantage. Evan Adlman, PubMatic VP, Publisher Development for the Americas, will lead a panel discussion on this topic, which will explore how the data and analytics revolution will deliver powerful actionable insights that will impact how advertising will be bought and sold. 

avatar for Evan Adlman

Evan Adlman

VP Publisher Development, Americas, Pubmatic
Evan Adlman has spent over 17 years in the digital advertising space. In 2000, he founded a digital agency which was eventually acquired and from there he spent a number of years in the email technology space helping large publishers grow and maintain their consumer connections. After... Read More →

avatar for Sean Holzman

Sean Holzman

Chief Digital Revenue Officer, Bonnier Corporation
avatar for Nick Illobre

Nick Illobre

Associate Director, Media Partnerships, Merkle
avatar for Anthony Techeira

Anthony Techeira

Digital Yield Manager, Hearst Television

avatar for PubMatic


PubMatic is the marketing automation software company that powers the advertising strategy for premium publishers. Through workflow automation, real time analytics and yield management, PubMatic enables publishers to make smarter, faster decisions that drive revenue and streamline... Read More →

Tuesday June 9, 2015 10:20am - 11:00am EDT
Second Floor (True Dialogue)

10:20am EDT

Creative Renaissance: Empowering Integrated Advertising Through Site Redesigns
To build tighter relationships with brands, encourage advertising integrated with site content and generally drive revenue, publishers have been pumping up their creative services and opening in-house studios. It has never been more important for media companies to have a unified design strategy for both content and advertising, as well as the tools to assemble top-notch creative at scale. Code and Theory Managing Partner Mike Treff will discuss how on top of giving the Bloomberg suite of sites a major overhaul, the design agency revitalized the publisher’s ad strategy by designing the visual layout, user experience and ad toolkit.
This session is perfect for publishers, brands and creative types. 

avatar for Mike Treff

Mike Treff

Managing Partner, Product Design Group, Code and Theory

Tuesday June 9, 2015 10:20am - 11:10am EDT
Fourth Floor (Deep Dive)

10:20am EDT

Opening Up a Diverse Mobile Strategy

Getting mobile right is more than slapping together some display and video elements optimized for tiny screens. Driving revenue and campaign success requires leveraging multiple channels and coordination between the buy and sell sides. This session will explore the advanced ways in which publishers and agencies are tackling mobile, their challenges and successes in balancing diverse strategies, and how they work together for mutual benefit.

avatar for Ramona Gonzales

Ramona Gonzales

Owner/Principal, Ramona Gonzales Consulting
Ramona Gonzales is a digital media veteran—her extensive experience spans print and online publishers as well as digital agencies and technology companies. She delivers a mix of expertise and perspective honed from nearly 20 years of developing and growing digital brands, properties... Read More →

avatar for Darren Klein

Darren Klein

Director of Sales, Shazam
avatar for Jesse Missad

Jesse Missad

Director, Connected Platforms, PHD
As Director of Connected Platforms, Jesse works with PHD strategy and investment teams driving thought leadership and strategic direction within the mobility landscape.  His work includes development of more effective and consistent strategies to help PHD clients find a better way... Read More →
avatar for Amy Vale

Amy Vale

Head of Global B2B Marketing and Brand Experience, Spotify
Amy Vale is the Head of Global B2B Marketing and Branded Experiences at Spotify where she focuses on educating agencies, brands and the broader advertising industry on the best ways to connect with consumers through immersive, engaging advertising campaigns and brand experiences that... Read More →

Tuesday June 9, 2015 10:20am - 11:10am EDT
Fourth Floor (Deep Dive)

10:20am EDT

Developing Effective Workflow Systems Within Publishers and Agencies

How can publisher and agency operations teams work together to foster greater revenue, efficiency, and to streamline the sales process? What are some ways of organizing ad ops so that reliable, accurate information is presented to advertisers? How is information communicated to the ad ops team, within the ad ops team, and internally within the sales, finance, and ad operations divisions? Organizations have different workflows for organizing digital ad operations. Digital Operations can be a bridge towards driving additional revenue, improving productivity, and anticipating publisher solutions to common advertiser challenges. Learn more about how agencies and publishers organize themselves to answer fundamental questions about ad ops workflow.

avatar for Tutuwa Ahwoi

Tutuwa Ahwoi

Sr. Manager, Ad Operations and Systems, National Public Media
Tutuwa Ahwoi is the Senior Manager of Ads Operations and Systems at National Public Media, the sales arm for national and regional offerings on NPR and PBS stations and digital assets. She started out as a marketing analyst at NPM, and now spends her days on the lookout for ways to... Read More →
avatar for Chandon Jones

Chandon Jones

VP Partner, Ad Operations, UM WW
Chandon has 15 years of Digital Media and Ad Operations experience under his belt, spending the last 8 years of his career at Universal McCann/Mediabrands. As the VP, Partner of Ad Operations Chandon oversees the East Coast Agency Ad Operations team who supports Universal McCann... Read More →

Tuesday June 9, 2015 10:20am - 11:10am EDT
Fifth Floor (In Focus)

10:30am EDT

Gone Global: Monetizing the World Over With Daily Mail

It’s not a small, small world after all, particularly if your site’s traffic comes from every corner of the earth. MailOnline.com/DailyMail.com is reportedly the most visited English-language news site in the world with over 225 million monthly unique users around the world coming to read the nearly 1000 articles and 600 videos published on the site each day. Rich Caccappolo, COO of MailOnline, will dive into the team, tools, partners, and processes applied to monetize content across the globe at scale, including the workings of MailOnline’s skilled multi-talented programmatic squad.

avatar for Rich Caccappolo

Rich Caccappolo

Chief Operating Officer, MailOnline
Richard Caccappolo is currently the Chief Operating Officer of MailOnline.com, the most successful online media site in the world. Prior to MailOnline.com, he was the SVP of iVillage and is one of the leading digital media executives in NYC. He has over 20 years of experience in... Read More →

Tuesday June 9, 2015 10:30am - 11:10am EDT
Main Floor (OPS Ready)

11:10am EDT

11:40am EDT

First-Party Data Cocktail

Demand for data-driven media buys has increased dramatically and publisher first-party data is universally considered to be the most valuable data on the Internet. Learn the ingredients needed to activate your first-party data effectively.

avatar for Paul Wenz

Paul Wenz

General Manager, Audience Accelerator, Rocket Fuel
As employee number 7 at Rocket Fuel, Paul created the powerful partnerships with supply-side, brand-assurance, and first-party data companies that continue with Rocket Fuel today.  In 2010, Paul launched Rocket Fuel’s Audience Accelerator business unit focusing on platforms and... Read More →

avatar for Audience Accelerator (Rocket Fuel)

Audience Accelerator (Rocket Fuel)

Scale and optimize your audience effortlessly and extend your reach as much as fivefold with targeted results framed from your first party data. Audience Accelerators proven AI technology and actionable campaign analysis lets clients start selling right away.

Tuesday June 9, 2015 11:40am - 11:50am EDT
Main Floor (OPS Ready)

11:40am EDT

Seeing Viewability: Using Reporting As a Cipher

The viewability revolution has left many publishers feeling reactive and out of control – a one-size-fits-all approach is impossible in the wake of varying measurement technologies  delivering divergent numbers. However, within the reporting lies the keys to really get on top of the technology. Ad-Juster talks with publishers that are leveraging viewability data to understand campaign narratives, choose the best performing partners, explore A/B testing and generally become proactive on viewability.

avatar for Dan Lawton

Dan Lawton

VP of Sales and BD, Ad-Juster

avatar for Amanda Rosenberg

Amanda Rosenberg

Data and Insight Analyst, The Weather Company
Amanda currently works for The Weather Company and has worked in Ad Operations on the publisher side for 4 years. After becoming proficient in campaign management she has focused on training teams how to analyze campaigns, developing advanced reporting, building documentation and... Read More →

avatar for Ad-Juster


Ad-Juster is the industry leader in third-party data collection and ad delivery discrepancy management for digital publishers, agencies, and networks. Ad-Juster automatically creates daily ad discrepancy and pacing reports allowing digital publishers to immediately act on expensive... Read More →

Tuesday June 9, 2015 11:40am - 12:00pm EDT
Second Floor (True Dialogue)

11:40am EDT

Getting Connected to Connected TV

Connected TVs and OTT devices are filling up American houses while the number of streaming video services seems to multiply by the day. Advertising and monetizing content on connected TVs is not without its challenges, including a lack of data and comparable metrics. But advertisers, digital content providers and the platforms themselves are taking on the burgeoning channel with gusto, including building enhanced creative with interactivity.

avatar for Rob Aksman

Rob Aksman

Cofounder/Chief Experience Officer, Brightline
Rob Aksman is the Chief Experience Officer, and Co-Founder of BrightLine. He leads the industry in interactive TV advertising experience design and execution across every major cable, satellite, telco, and connected TV platform with successful executions for clients including, The... Read More →

Jim Lombard

Head of Ad Sales/Business Development, Roku
avatar for Will Richmond

Will Richmond

Editor and Publisher, VideoNuze
Will Richmond is president and founder of Broadband Directions LLC, a market intelligence, publishing and consulting firm specializing in online video, which he established in 2003. Will edits and publishes VideoNuze, a daily online publication widely read by video industry decision-makers. Will... Read More →
avatar for Patrick Rubin

Patrick Rubin

Director, Advanced TV Strategy & Investment, Dentsu Aegis Network
Patrick Rubin is the Director of Advanced TV for Denstu-Aegis Network. He develops the strategy and oversees the investment practice where media and technology converge into business solutions for Dentsu-Aegis Network’s clients. Patrick’s background in traditional and digital... Read More →
avatar for Steven Takeuchi

Steven Takeuchi

Head of Sales Operations, Hulu

avatar for Brightline


WE MAKE TV ADS INTERACTIVEBrightLine brings rich mediato television, making your TVad dollars work harder, plain and simple.

Tuesday June 9, 2015 11:40am - 12:20pm EDT
Second Floor (True Dialogue)

11:40am EDT

What’s to Be Done About Ad Blockers?

It’s not just for users seeking to subvert scummy ads on video game forums anymore. Estimates of browsers using ad blockers ranges from 5% to 20%, and that number is growing. Not only is this a serious threat to publisher revenue, it’s also a challenge for advertisers seeking to reach in-market consumers. But is there an ethical way to deal with ad blockers – besides asking users not to employ them?

avatar for Angelina Eng

Angelina Eng

Vice President, Platform Solutions & Activation, Merkle
Angelina Eng is a seasoned executive with 20+ years of digital media, marketing and operations experience. Eng has focused her career in defining, building, managing and improving the digital media planning, buying & operations capabilities for organizations, including the development... Read More →

Tuesday June 9, 2015 11:40am - 12:30pm EDT
Fourth Floor (Deep Dive)

11:40am EDT

What's the Matter With These Tags Today?

Tags – both a central component of digital advertising and the source of most of operations’ troubles. This in-depth session will explore the ins and outs of tag management and detail how the tools have changed – and are still in flux.

avatar for Kimberly Lauterbach

Kimberly Lauterbach

Director - Digital Display Platforms, NBCUniversal
Seasoned digital sales operations management professional with 10 + years of experience in site tagging, ad targeting, product solutions, Ad Sales Strategy, reporting and data analysis. Accomplishments include developing departmental processes, innovation of a new ad tag management... Read More →
avatar for Richard Rhee

Richard Rhee

Enterprise Architect, NBCUniversal
Rich Rhee is an engineer who has been trying to figure out ways to leverage technology to solve challenges in digital advertising. Over the past two decades, he has worked on the ad agency side, on large content management systems, ad delivery networks and now works as the product... Read More →

Tuesday June 9, 2015 11:40am - 12:30pm EDT
Fifth Floor (In Focus)

11:50am EDT

The Economic Forces Reshaping the Agency Landscape
It's felt like agencies are being squeezed on every side for quite a while, but the latest industry developments suggest they’re really feeling the pinch. Brands are barging into programmatic media buying while publishers are building out their own creative studios and trading desks. The future of agency trading desks and centralized programmatic divisions is murky at best, while creative and media agencies are bumping shoulders over roles more than ever. Rick Webb, cofounder of The Barbarian Group and author of the book “Agency,” will fill in the details of agencies’ turbulent situation while ruminating on how numerous scenarios play out.

avatar for Rick Webb

Rick Webb

Co-Founder, The Barbarian Group
Rick Webb currently serves as a venture partner at Quotidian Ventures, and as a marketing and sales consultant to such startups as Tumblr, Soundcloud and Percolate. In 2001, Webb co-founded The Barbarian Group, an award-winning digital ad agency. He served as its COO for the first... Read More →

Tuesday June 9, 2015 11:50am - 12:30pm EDT
Main Floor (OPS Ready)

12:00pm EDT

Scaling Your Content Marketing Strategy

While content is king, publishers need to deliver the right content to the right users in the most engaging way. Hear how premium content publishers are using native ads coupled with organic insights to grow their audience.

avatar for Gavin Dunaway

Gavin Dunaway

Senior Editor, AdMonsters
Gavin Dunaway is Senior Editor for AdMonsters, a trade site and conference company focused on digital media innovation and advancement. In addition to writing in-depth feature stories on the biggest issues in digital advertising, he plots out the agendas and speaker lineups for AdMonsters’ Publisher Forums and OPS events... Read More →

avatar for Alex Linares

Alex Linares

Sr. Director of Product Management, Yahoo!
Alexandre Linares is Senior Director of Product Management at Yahoo. In this role, Alexandre leads the development of products for publisher services and content experiences across Yahoo's media business. Prior to Yahoo, Alexandre held several product management and engineering roles... Read More →

avatar for Yahoo!


Yahoo is focused on making the world's daily habits inspiring and entertaining - whether you're searching the web, emailing friends, sharing photos with family, or simply checking the weather, sports scores or stock quotes.

Tuesday June 9, 2015 12:00pm - 12:20pm EDT
Second Floor (True Dialogue)

12:30pm EDT

Lunch (Trade Show Open)
Tuesday June 9, 2015 12:30pm - 1:30pm EDT
Main Floor (OPS Ready)

1:30pm EDT

Tuesday June 9, 2015 1:30pm - 1:40pm EDT
Main Floor (OPS Ready)

1:40pm EDT

3x3 Fireside Chat With the NHL

Join us as we sit down with the NHL’s VP of Mobile Marketing to answer these three burning questions:

  • How do you build a successful programmatic sales strategy and technically deliver these campaigns? 
  • What is your video ad sales strategy and how successful has video been for you from both a revenue and and end user perspective? 
  • How important has your user data become and how does this fit into your sales and ad product pitch? 

avatar for Mark Fruehan

Mark Fruehan

President, Publisher Services Global Supply, Opera Mediaworks
With more than 25 years of experience, Mark Fruehan is a leading industry authority on mobile marketing and advertising, mobile commerce, digital media, social networks and new applications and services in the mobile ecosystem. Before joining Opera Mediaworks, Mark served as a Venture... Read More →
avatar for Chris Golier

Chris Golier

Vice President of Mobile Marketing & Strategy, NHL
Chris Golier is the NHL’s Vice President of Mobile Marketing & Strategy, responsible for driving the growth of the league’s mobile business and integration of mobile strategy throughout the organization.  In his role, Golier leads the global mobile roadmap including overseeing... Read More →

avatar for Opera Mediaworks

Opera Mediaworks

Opera Mediaworks technology powers the biggest publishers in the world, enabling marketers to convey the highest quality ad experiences to more people in more places when it matters most.

Tuesday June 9, 2015 1:40pm - 1:50pm EDT
Main Floor (OPS Ready)

1:50pm EDT

Infinite Vice: Reimagining Media and Advertising

Through its rise from alternative print publication to major media organization with a huge digital footprint plus television content and film, Vice has not just redefined what a media company can be – it’s also revamped the potential of digital advertising. At the heart of this effort is Chief Digital Officer Mike Germano, cofounder of Carrot Creative, which was acquired by Vice in 2013 and operates as a subsidiary. Germano will detail Vice’s bold advertising and revenue vision, while examining where publishers, agencies and brands are taking their advertising to new levels – both from a creative and a revenue standpoint.

avatar for Mike Germano

Mike Germano

Chief Digital Officer, VICE
Mike Germano serves as Chief Digital Officer of VICE Media, working out of their world headquarters in Brooklyn, NY. Leading the the commercialization of all Vice Digital properties, he pushes the boundaries of what advertisers can do in this new media space.Mike came to Vice in 2013... Read More →

Tuesday June 9, 2015 1:50pm - 2:30pm EDT
Main Floor (OPS Ready)

2:40pm EDT

Programmatic Goes Native, or Does Native Go Programmatic?

It’s not just two buzzwords intersecting: programmatic native enables advertisers and publishers to transact programmatically with creative optimized so it fits seamlessly with a site’s content. While that may sound grand, the technology has its fair share of issues: this panel will dive into the challenges around gaining advertiser interest, pricing, utilizing data, executing buys, building creative and more.

avatar for Aparna Dargar

Aparna Dargar

Product Lead, Programmatic Advertising, 360i
Aparna Dargar is Product Lead, Programmatic Advertising at 360i. She joined 360i in 2013 and has since helped grow the practice from its early phases to a robust one. Aparna has extensive experience in automated trading and digital product development and is responsible for product... Read More →
avatar for Melissa Gallo

Melissa Gallo

Director of Product – Programmatic Automation and Data, IAB
avatar for Curt Larson

Curt Larson

VP of Product Management, Sharethrough
avatar for Chris Pirrone

Chris Pirrone

General Manager at USA Today Sports Media Group, USA Today

avatar for Sharethrough


With the mission of modernizing online advertising, Sharethrough has grown into one of the fastest growing technology companies with over 125 employees. We have built one of the world’s most sophisticated monetization software platforms, predicated on helping digital media move... Read More →

Tuesday June 9, 2015 2:40pm - 3:20pm EDT
Second Floor (True Dialogue)

2:40pm EDT

When Lack of Quality Costs You Money: The QA Quandary
Back in the olden days, quality assurance for many digital publishers mainly meant making sure crass ads from unsavory advertisers didn’t end up on the site. While that’s still a central mission, ops finds itself increasingly concerned with wider aspects of user experience: Is interruptive advertising affecting traffic? Where and how often will new products run? What kinds of trouble might be flowing through those programmatic pipes? This panel will explore how dedicated teams and new tools for managing emerging channels are changing the face of quality control.

avatar for Rob Beeler

Rob Beeler

Content Czar, AdMonsters
Rob Beeler is Vice President of Content and Media for AdMonsters and has worked in Ad Operations for over 15 years. Rob oversees the development of content for AdMonsters events and is Editor in Chief for AdMonsters.com. Rob Beeler joined AdMonsters in October 2008 after nearly 10... Read More →

avatar for Heather Keltz

Heather Keltz

VP of Ad Operations & Ad Product Development, Hearst
avatar for Amnon Siev

Amnon Siev

CEO, GeoEdge
Amnon Siev has been part of the Internet and IT industries for more than 16 years working in a variety ‎of leadership roles in Product Development and Management. Currently Amnon serves as the CEO for GeoEdge, the world’s leading ad verification provider for the online and mobile... Read More →
avatar for Melanie Winer

Melanie Winer

Head of US Digital Media Planning, Bloomberg Business
Melanie Winer has been with Bloomberg LP since 2007, when she joined the Ad Operations team as a Digital Trafficker. Melanie is currently the Head of US Digital Planning. As head of US Digital Planning, Melanie oversees digital pricing, custom packaging and product strategy for the... Read More →
avatar for Felix Zeng

Felix Zeng

Director, Business Development, Programmatic, The Weather Company
Felix Zeng serves as director of business development for The Weather Company’s programmatic sales efforts. In this role, he leads the programmatic demand team who sells Weather’s advertising inventory programmatically to agency trading desks, demand-side platforms (DSPs), agencies... Read More →

avatar for GeoEdge


GeoEdge is the premier provider of ad verification, malware protection and transparency solutions for the online ‎and mobile advertising ecosystem. The company ensures high ad quality and verifies that sites ‎and apps offer a clean, safe, and engaging user experience. GeoEdge... Read More →

Tuesday June 9, 2015 2:40pm - 3:20pm EDT
Second Floor (True Dialogue)

2:40pm EDT

Breaking Up the Non-Human Traffic Jam
The bot infestation shows little sign of abating – non-human traffic continues to spread across the web, plaguing the exchanges and premium publishers alike. Advertisers have had enough, but what’s the remedy? Blacklisting bots? Real-time bot-recognition technology? As it readies its guidelines for dealing with non-human traffic, the Media Rating Council will discuss what they mean and how they will be applied while illuminating just how the bot scourge can be overcome.

avatar for David Gunzareth

David Gunzareth

Senior Vice President and Associate Director, Media Rating Council
David Gunzerath is Senior Vice President and Associate Director of the Media Rating Council. In addition to his work on MRC’s accreditation-related activities, he also is heavily involved in the development of new measurement standards for emerging media. Gunzerath joined MRC in... Read More →

Tuesday June 9, 2015 2:40pm - 3:30pm EDT
Fourth Floor (Deep Dive)

2:40pm EDT

The Evolution of Digital Media Buying

Some may have viewed the decision to incorporate pieces of VivaKi’s Audience on Demand platform and its teams into various Publicis Groupe media agencies as a sign that the age of the trading desk had ended with a whimper. Mac Delaney is quick to refute them, claiming that this is just the latest step in agencies’ digital media-buying Odyssey. It’s an epic that he will bring to life during this session in which he explores the rocky journey as well as what comes next.

avatar for Mac Delaney

Mac Delaney

SVP of Programmatic, Starcom MediaVest Group

Tuesday June 9, 2015 2:40pm - 3:30pm EDT
Fourth Floor (Deep Dive)

2:40pm EDT

Balancing Multiple SSPs to Maximize Yield
For the majority of publishers, terms like direct deals, sold out inventory, and premium programmatic are more fantasy than reality. If your website's display advertising solution is more remnant than guaranteed, how can you be sure you're maximizing earnings? In this in-focus session, StudyBreak Media's Emry Downinghall will dive into the non-guarenteed programmatic abyss. Who's out there? How can you differentiate value between partners? Who should you be working with? What should you be avoiding and, how can you do all this while maintaining ad quality? 

avatar for Emry Downinghall

Emry Downinghall

StudyBreak Media, Director

Tuesday June 9, 2015 2:40pm - 3:30pm EDT
Fifth Floor (In Focus)

3:30pm EDT

3:40pm EDT

The Rise of Programmatic Native
avatar for Dan Martin

Dan Martin

VP, Head of Global Business Development, TripleLift
Dan has over 15 years of business development experience leading strategic development and managing relationships with media & technology companies, both at the start-up and Fortune 500 levels.  Dan joins TripleLift from the mobile advertising platform, InMobi, where he was the Head... Read More →

avatar for TripleLift


An alternative to display ads, TripleLift is a native advertising technology company that helps brands tell engaging stories through visual content marketing.

Tuesday June 9, 2015 3:40pm - 3:50pm EDT
Main Floor (OPS Ready)

3:50pm EDT

Delivering Targeting Accuracy Using Third-Party Data
true[X], a division of Fox Networks, is a premium video advertising platform that focuses on audience engagement. As true[X] began working with Fox properties, they evaluated 3rd-party data vendors and DMPs to understand their reach and accuracy across true[X]'s uniquely premium inventory. In this Q+A, true[X] shares how they approached the evaluation and their advice for others looking to maximize yield on scarce, highly-valuable inventory.

avatar for Adrian D’Souza

Adrian D’Souza

VP, Operations, Quantcast
Adrian D’Souza joined Quantcast in 2014 as Vice President of Operations. He is responsible for scaling the company operationally along with global expansion. Prior to Quantcast, D’Souza was most recently Director of Global Brand Solutions at Google, where he was responsible for... Read More →

avatar for Joshua Rangsikitpho

Joshua Rangsikitpho

Chief Technology Officer, true[X]
Joshua Rangsikitpho is in charge of the technology group at true[X]. Josh has been responsible for leading the full development of our ground breaking ad platform and growing our engineering team since his arrival at true[X] in 2007. Prior to joining true[X], Joshua worked at... Read More →

avatar for Quantcast


Quantcast is a technology company specialized in real-time advertising and audience measurement. As the pioneer of direct audience measurement in 2006, Quantcast has today the most in-depth understanding of digital audiences across web and mobile, allowing marketers and publishers... Read More →

Tuesday June 9, 2015 3:50pm - 4:10pm EDT
Second Floor (True Dialogue)

3:50pm EDT

Power Creative: Data-Driven Display Optimization

Dynamically optimizing creative (DCO) enables better targeted (and performing) advertising by employing factors such as geography, demographics, and message control. Media owners have pools of user data that can be leveraged to implement successful DCO campaigns and (if the marketers, aka clients, objective is relevant) also the ability to create content on behalf of clients that can be used for DCO. As this mix of data and creative can have a profound impact on user engagement, a group of marketers and publishers will discuss why understanding how these pieces fit together is becoming critical.

avatar for Gabriel Cheng

Gabriel Cheng

VP, Mobile Strategy and Solutions, M&C Saatchi Mobile
As Vice President of Mobile Strategy at M&C Saatchi Mobile, Gabriel Cheng is charged with influencing vision, direction and goals for the strategy teams and shaping the future of mobile within the industry. In this role, Gabriel also contributes to executive level decisions in the... Read More →
avatar for Justine Mooney

Justine Mooney

Founder and CEO, SheerStyle
Justine is a former clothing designer turned Strategist/Creative Director, gone Entrepreneur. She loves translating ideas into tightly honed concepts and final product #obsessively-driven #diversely-experienced #entrepreneurial-spirit, full of energy and passion, but never full of... Read More →
avatar for Carlos Mota

Carlos Mota

Associate Creative Director, Theorem
Even as an undergraduate student Carlos’s work was described as predictably unpredictable. This lofty goal has become the obsession from which his work has evolved. He spent the last 8 years working in New York where he has worked in marketing, and design for various companies from... Read More →
avatar for Eli Robinson

Eli Robinson

Chief Operating Officer, Metric Collective
Eli Robinson is the COO of New York City-based Metric Collective, which builds, acquires and operates a portfolio of digital businesses. Eli oversees marketing processes across Metric's portfolio, including optimization of direct-response advertising on a variety of digital platforms... Read More →

avatar for Theorem


At the onset of the digital revolution, Theorem began with a single vision: to become the leading provider of digital media operations, reporting and technology services for the media marketing industry.Today, Theorem is firmly positioned as a global, industry-leading digital marketing... Read More →

Tuesday June 9, 2015 3:50pm - 4:30pm EDT
Second Floor (True Dialogue)

3:50pm EDT

Audio Ad Formats and the Internet of Things
Even if you didn’t listen in every week, you have to admit that the madness over the “Serial” podcast highlighted the popularity of the medium – and the revenue opportunity lying in wait. But just like video isn’t display, audio advertising is its own beast requiring both tools and strategy to master. National Public Media’s Bryan Moffett will detail NPR’s progress and challenges in driving revenue from audio and podcast advertising, while tracing the path to monetizing the larger “Internet of Things.” This session is ideal for publishers, agencies and brands.


Brett Robinson

Vice President of Ad Operations, National Public Media / NPR

Tuesday June 9, 2015 3:50pm - 4:40pm EDT
Fourth Floor (Deep Dive)

3:50pm EDT

First Impressions of Time as a Currency
Lost in all the talk of standards and benchmarks was the fact that viewability measuring tools introduced the potential to guarantee “engaged time” or impression time in-view. Well, maybe it wasn’t lost on The Financial Times, which has been selling digital advertising based on time spent since last year. Financial Times’ Brendan Spain and Alex Barclay will share the strategy behind selling against time as a metric, the mechanics of ensuring execution, some early results and findings, and the potential for transacting time on a larger scale.

avatar for Alec Barclay

Alec Barclay

US Digital Development Director, Financial Times
Alec Barclay is US Digital Development Director at the Financial Times. In this role he manages the operations and campaign management team in the US and supports digital advertising strategy. He is responsible for vetting new technology providers and guiding new business models.  Previously... Read More →
avatar for Brendan Spain

Brendan Spain

US Commercial Director & Global Client Relationship Director, Financial Times

Tuesday June 9, 2015 3:50pm - 4:40pm EDT
Fourth Floor (Deep Dive)

3:50pm EDT

Where Creative QA Meets Programmatic

Creative QA is one of the biggest challenges for ad operations departments as they are the last line of defense from ads that are bad for business. This task is further complicated by the way indirect sales channels work today. This session will walk through best practices on making sure the ads that come through programmatic are the ones you want.

avatar for Jordan Woods

Jordan Woods

Ad Operations Lead, Curiosity Media
Jordan leads ad operations for Curiosity Media's flagship property, SpanishDict.com. In addition to his ad ops responsibilities, he's worked extensively on SpanishDict's apps, ad partnerships, and business strategy. Currently, Jordan is working on a team dedicated to developing solutions... Read More →

Tuesday June 9, 2015 3:50pm - 4:40pm EDT
Fifth Floor (In Focus)

4:00pm EDT

If You're Reading This, It's Too Late
Join Mashable's Chief Revenue Officer Seth Rogin as he discusses how a leading digital publisher utilizes creativity, usable data and its proprietary technology to bring advertisers the best of the digital generation. Utilizing predictive analytics, creativity and experimentation Mashable will demonstrate how marketers can get the most for their money by creating content that is forecasted to go viral hours later and engaging audiences on the devices and in the formats they're using the most. 

avatar for Seth Rogin

Seth Rogin

Chief Revenue Officer, Mashable
Seth Rogin is Chief Revenue Officer driving the rapid growth of a diverse revenue portfolio. Seth is responsible for advertising sales, branded content and monetization of new products. Seth joined Mashable in June 2013. Mashable’s audience of 40 million monthly unique visitors... Read More →

Tuesday June 9, 2015 4:00pm - 4:40pm EDT
Main Floor (OPS Ready)

4:10pm EDT

Exploring the Role of a Private Exchange in Major League Gaming's Programmatic Success

There's no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to a publisher's video monetization needs, but developing a private exchange strategy can be broken into identifiable stages. Join Jesse Clemmens, LiveRail Private Exchange Manager, to learn about the three stages publishers move through, from launch to execution. Hear first-hand from Major League Gaming's EVP of Operations, Don Reilley, on how his organization rapidly moved through this life cycle and the results they've seen with their private marketplace. Walk away from this session with a deep understanding of these stages and the key role each plays in the implementation of a successful private exchange strategy.

avatar for Jesse Clemmens

Jesse Clemmens

Private Exchange Director, LiveRail
As Private Exchanges Manager at LiveRail, a Facebook company, Jesse Clemmens leads a team of account managers dedicated to servicing premium publishers and broadcasters utilizing LiveRail’s Video Private Exchange (VPX). With extensive experience in advertising technology for... Read More →
avatar for Don Reilley

Don Reilley

EVP, Global Ad Sales and Operations, Major League Gaming

avatar for LiveRail


LiveRail, a Facebook company, is a leading publisher monetization platform for video – with more than 10 billion ads delivered via its platform each month, setting the standard for innovative video advertising technology solutions. LiveRail provides premium publishers with the technology... Read More →

Tuesday June 9, 2015 4:10pm - 4:30pm EDT
Second Floor (True Dialogue)

4:50pm EDT

Tuesday June 9, 2015 4:50pm - 5:00pm EDT
Main Floor (OPS Ready)

5:00pm EDT

Next Frontiers for Viewability

No, viewability for desktop display has not been completely solved, but where are industry leaders making headway in video, mobile and even television? Will viewability demands change for these mediums and are the current standards strict enough? How will the application of viewability change in the next year, and what are the forces manipulating it? And what do publishers, brands and agencies want beyond viewable ads – where can this technology take the industry?

avatar for Rob Beeler

Rob Beeler

Content Czar, AdMonsters
Rob Beeler is Vice President of Content and Media for AdMonsters and has worked in Ad Operations for over 15 years. Rob oversees the development of content for AdMonsters events and is Editor in Chief for AdMonsters.com. Rob Beeler joined AdMonsters in October 2008 after nearly 10... Read More →

avatar for Joe Barone

Joe Barone

Managing Partner, Digital Advertising Operations, GroupM
Joe Barone has been buying digital media since 1994 when Hotwired.com became the first publisher to offer banners online. He continued to move in the leading wave of digital media buyers, through the portal period, into content integration, advanced targeting, mobile, social, and... Read More →
avatar for Rachel Herskovitz

Rachel Herskovitz

Manager, Global Media, American Express
avatar for Mark Howard

Mark Howard

CRO, Forbes
Mark Howard is Chief Revenue Officer at Forbes Media. In this role, he is responsible for the U.S. and European digital and print sales organization, marketing and advertising solutions. Previously, he was SVP of Digital Advertising Strategy. Howard also held the position of SVP... Read More →
avatar for Michael Iantosca

Michael Iantosca

Chief Revenue Officer, Integral Ad Science
Michael joined Integral in early 2012 to lead the charge in driving continued growth in the US and UK as well as develop its business across key international markets. Michael oversees the planning and execution of Integral’s go-to-market strategy and business objectives, bringing... Read More →

Tuesday June 9, 2015 5:00pm - 5:50pm EDT
Main Floor (OPS Ready)

5:50pm EDT

OPS Reception
Tuesday June 9, 2015 5:50pm - 7:30pm EDT
Main Floor (OPS Ready)
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